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ChannelReply Now Included in Onsite Support

Published on Mar. 13, 2023

Last updated on Jun. 21, 2023
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Onsite Support is the ultimate Amazon helpdesk. By letting you link Amazon buyers to your own branded help site, it helps you dodge returns and build better customer relationships. And now, with ChannelReply included free, it also supports eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Shopify, Back Market and Newegg!

Already know you want to link Onsite with ChannelReply? Check out our Onsite Support integration guide.

Next-Level Amazon Integration

Threaded Conversation with an Amazon Customer in Onsite

Above: An Amazon message in Onsite Support with the ChannelReply app on the right.

Onsite Support combines the power of ChannelReply’s Amazon integration with its own unique upgrades:

Link Amazon Return Pages to Your Custom Help Site

Onsite ties directly into the Amazon PLS (Product Lifetime Support) program. Add a “Get product support” button to Amazon return screens to deflect returns. Pull customers straight into your own custom help site instead!

Get Product Support Button in Amazon

Visit Support Website Button Leading to Onsite in Amazon

Finer Form Help Site for Amazon Built with Onsite Support

Onsite will build your help site to your specifications while ensuring full compliance with Amazon policy. You can use it to provide infinitely better support for your customers than you could on Seller Central. Offer live chats, help articles, videos, forums and more to prevent returns and boost customer loyalty.

QUICKPLAY Help Site for Amazon Built with Onsite Support

Get Amazon Data with Seller Central Messages and Onsite Live Chat Tickets

Getting your customers off Amazon and into your help site is one thing. But won’t your agents need to check Seller Central anyway?

Not at all! With ChannelReply, you can answer all your Buyer-Seller Messaging from Onsite. You can even view order details beside each message.

Amazon Request a Review Button in ChannelReply for Onsite Support

Better yet, Onsite is the first helpdesk to ever integrate live chat with ChannelReply. This feature is still in its infancy, but it’s already possible to view Amazon order data on completed chats. We plan to add support for viewing order data in real-time chat in the near future!

An Amazon Live Chat Ticket in Onsite with ChannelReply Order Data

With all the info you need to provide great support right in Onsite, you can amaze your customers and improve agent efficiency at the same time.

Take Actions from Onsite

Not every message needs a reply. That’s why the ChannelReply app comes with the Amazon “Mark as ‘No response needed’ ” button built right in!

Mark as No Response Needed button in the ChannelReply App

And if you’re really nailing it on support, there’s no need to jump through hoops to ask customers for feedback. Just whack the Amazon “Request a Review” button in Onsite! We’ll trigger Amazon’s default feedback/review request, helping you build your seller rating and product reviews.

Mark as No Response Needed button in the ChannelReply App

Up to 10 Amazon feedback requests per month are included with ChannelReply. Additional feedback requests require CR Feedback.

These are just some of the features unique to Amazon. There are dozens of other ways Onsite and ChannelReply can help you save time on ecommerce support!

Multichannel Customer Service Simplified

Conversation with a Shopify Customer on a New Order Notification

Above: Supporting a Shopify customer in Onsite Support.

The best thing about ChannelReply is that it pulls all your ecommerce messages onto one screen. You can integrate unlimited seller accounts with Onsite.

Answer Messages from Every Marketplace

  • Respond directly to Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Walmart, Back Market and Newegg messages from Onsite
    • Replies to Amazon, eBay, Walmart or Newegg customers will appear inside the marketplace’s messaging system
    • Answers to Back Market tickets will go to the Back Market support agents helping your customer
    • Messages will count toward all response time requirements, including the 24-hour SLAs for Amazon and Newegg
    • Replies to Shopify messages go directly to the customer’s email address as usual
  • Email Etsy customers by responding directly from Onsite,* or hit “Reply on Etsy” to jump to the conversation on Etsy

*Replying to Etsy messages by email is possible if the customer’s email address is available in the Primary Email field of the ChannelReply app. This is available on all order-related tickets and some other tickets as well.

Order Details from Every Marketplace

ChannelReply displays order data next to messages from all supported marketplaces. View countless order details on every ticket, from shipping address to items purchased to amounts paid.

Walmart–Onsite Support Integration Screenshot

Above: A Walmart ticket with ChannelReply data including order IDs, order total, shipping carrier, tracking ID and more.

From Data to Automation

ChannelReply lets you turn order data into your own automations and organization tools. Use ChannelReply custom fields for Onsite:

  • As placeholders in canned responses, letting you send personalized replies in two clicks
  • As conditions like “ASIN is X” and “Order Status is not Y” in triggers that set priorities, notify specific agents and more
  • To create reports (views) that organize tickets by marketplace, item ordered, or just about anything else

Answering a Newegg Message with a Canned Response in Onsite

Above: A canned response with ChannelReply placeholders entered on a Newegg ticket. Some of the custom fields used to automatically personalize the message are shown in the right-hand sidebar.

Plus, you can combine the power of canned responses and triggers in our ecommerce autoresponder for Onsite Support! Create advanced autoreplies that personalize themselves with details of the customer's order.

ChannelReply Autoresponse on a Shopify Ticket in Onsite

Above: An autoreply (posted by "System") personalized with Shopify order data and delivered by ChannelReply.

You can even use order data in conditions so different SKUs or marketplaces trigger totally different autoreplies.

Even better, these autoreplies count toward Amazon's 24-hour SLA and more. You can finally take a day off!

Unlimited Messaging

Unlimited ChannelReply Plan for Onsite Support

Onsite Support includes unlimited ChannelReply messaging. It is the only helpdesk where ChannelReply is completely free like this. So make the most of it—connect everything you can to Onsite!

Take Action Everywhere

Go beyond answering questions. With ChannelReply's in-app actions, you can actually solve customer issues.


  • Mark messages as “No response needed”
  • Trigger Amazon’s “Request a Review” button
  • Cancel, switch, or send feedback requests from CR Feedback inside Onsite Support


Canceling an eBay Order in Onsite Support with ChannelReply

  • Approve or decline cancellations
  • Accept, reject, or counter best offers
  • Reply privately or post public responses to buyers who leave you feedback
  • Manage Resolution Center cases: approve returns, issue refunds, upload required info, etc.


  • Acknowledge orders
  • Update shipping statuses
  • Cancel orders
  • Issue refunds on returns


Uploading Shipping Info to Etsy in Onsite

  • Complete orders by uploading shipping info from Onsite Support


  • Issue precise refunds
  • Cancel orders
  • Update your stock levels while cancelling or refunding
  • Edit order or customer info

Back Market

Issuing a Back Market Refund from Onsite

Above: A conversation with Back Market support agents. This user has enabled an option to post Back Market staff messages as internal notes rather than as customer messages.

  • Cancel orders that have not yet been validated
  • Validate orders, item by item
  • Upload shipping info
  • Issue refunds, item by item


  • Upload shipping info
  • Cancel orders
  • Remove specific items from multi-item orders without canceling the others

Get Notified

Canceling a Shopify Order from Onsite

Canceling a Shopify order on a New Order notification. The seller has already replied directly to the notification to contact the customer.

ChannelReply can help you get all the notifications you could want. Choose to get anything from a few critical notifications like A-to-z claims to detailed updates on almost any event imaginable. You’re in full control!

  • Receive all your normal email notifications from any marketplace
  • Send Amazon notifications through ChannelReply to receive them with all related order data
  • Get upgraded notifications, like special New Order notifications you can respond to directly
  • Opt in or out of unique ChannelReply notifications like Amazon negative feedback warnings
  • Take advantage of notification-specific actions, like issuing refunds on Walmart returns

With unlimited messaging, Onsite is the perfect helpdesk for companies that want to stay in the know. Enable as many notifications as you want without paying a penny more!

Onsite Support: The All-in-One Ecommerce Helpdesk

Happy Ecommerce Customers in Charlie's Onsite Support Cafe

No more juggling logins, switching screens or worrying about message counts. Onsite Support includes everything you need to help all your ecommerce customers from one place. Link Onsite with Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, Shopify, Back Market and/or Newegg today!

Justin Golschneider
Product Manager

Justin has over a decade of experience in ecommerce and customer service. He is an obsessive researcher with a passion for accuracy, and his articles for ChannelReply alone have reached over a million readers. He holds a bachelor's degree in English.