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Zoho Desk Integration Now Available

Published on Apr. 01, 2022

Last updated on May. 02, 2022
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Our Zoho Desk integration with Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Walmart, Back Market and Newegg is now live! With Zoho’s technical horsepower and ChannelReply’s ecommerce data, you can clear messages in record time.

Answer All Your Messages from Zoho Desk

Amazon messages in Zoho Desk with Request a Review button

How many tabs do you have to flip between in a normal day of support? When you have to switch to looking up order info on Amazon or answering a message on eBay, it’s not just annoying. It can eat up to 40% of your productivity.

With ChannelReply and Zoho Desk, switching is virtually eliminated. It doesn’t matter whether the message comes from plain email, Facebook, Shopify, eBay or Amazon. You can answer it all from the same screen. Try it yourself with a free trial of ChannelReply.

Already have ChannelReply? Just follow our Zoho Desk integration instructions to get started!

Lower Prices than Any Competitor

Zoho Desk annual pricing in April 2022

Zoho Desk is incredibly affordable. Its Standard plan supports all ChannelReply features and costs as little as $14 per month per agent.

That beats the entry-level prices of Zendesk, Freshdesk, Help Scout and more. Zoho is officially our new lowest-cost option! You won’t find more affordable customer service software that works for Amazon, eBay, and so many other channels at once.

Get Order Info on Every Ticket

Illustration of Charlie welding a Back Market message, order data, and a Zoho Desk reply together

ChannelReply shows everything you need to know with each message. From the item the customer ordered to their shipping address, you’ll have all the details it takes to provide exceptional support.

Here are just a few highlights of the info we provide:

Amazon Data

Amazon message in Zoho Desk with order data from ChannelReply

  • Order ID
  • Order status
  • Items ordered
  • ASINs
  • Amount paid
  • More than 15 other critical details

eBay Data

Screenshot of ChannelReply's eBay-Zoho Integration

  • User ID
  • Buyer note
  • Feedback history
  • Order tracking ID
  • Real email address (when available)
  • Nearly 40 other eBay order fields

Walmart Data

Walmart messaging in Zoho Desk with ChannelReply

  • Customer & seller order IDs
  • Fulfillment option
  • Shipping carrier
  • Tracking ID & URL
  • Estimated delivery date
  • Over 20 additional details

Shopify Data

Screenshot of ChannelReply's Shopify-Zoho integration

  • Order ID & Order Name
  • Items purchased
  • Item SKUs
  • Billing & shipping addresses
  • Tracking ID & URL
  • Over 25 more pieces of Shopify order info

Back Market Data

Back Market message in Zoho Desk with ChannelReply data

  • Order creation & last modified dates
  • Amounts paid broken down by items, shipping, BackCare, sales tax, and total
  • Tracking ID & URL
  • Payment method
  • Items and brands purchased
  • Over 40 other datapoints

Newegg Data

Screenshot of ChannelReply's Newegg-Zoho Integration

  • Shipping service level
  • Order status by package
  • Tracking numbers
  • Newegg item numbers
  • Sales tax, VAT, duty, and recycling fees paid
  • More than 45 other Newegg order details

Want even more screenshots and details? Check out our Zoho Desk + ChannelReply infographic. Or, see it in action by watching our demo video below:

Automate Anything

Illustration of ChannelReply custom fields working as placeholders in a Zoho Desk template

ChannelReply lets you pull order data into Zoho Desk custom fields. Now, this might sound like some small technical detail. But it’s really a superpower that can make your team exponentially faster:

  • Create snippets and templates that personalize themselves with zero typing
  • Automatically prioritize and assign tickets based on details like item ordered
  • Build shockingly helpful Zoho autoresponders that actually answer questions and count as replies
  • Auto-sort tickets into any of thousands of possible organizational systems
  • Generate detailed reports on everything from response time by marketplace to number of tickets per SKU

Solve Problems Directly

Refunding a Walmart return in Zoho Desk

Take a huge variety of actions in the ChannelReply app without leaving Zoho Desk:

  • Issue refunds on Shopify tickets, Walmart returns, eBay Resolution Center cases and more
  • Trigger Amazon’s “Request a Review” or “Mark as No Response Needed” actions
  • Cancel orders on Newegg, Shopify, Walmart or eBay
  • Upload shipping info to eBay cases or Back Market or Newegg tickets
  • Validate Back Market orders, review previous Shopify purchases, and take tons of other actions

Why waste time switching between Zoho and your marketplace accounts when you can do it all in one place? Start your free trial of ChannelReply.

Answer Messages from Your Phone

Zoho Desk’s popular mobile apps [iOS] [Android] let you answer your marketplace messages straight from your smartphone.

Responding to an eBay message in the Zoho Desk mobile app for iOS

While apps like ChannelReply can’t be accessed inside the Zoho mobile app, our custom fields are fully supported. That lets you view more than 45 order details without booting up a computer.

Responding to an eBay message in the Zoho Desk mobile app for iOS

It also means your auto-personalized templates will work perfectly. Support your customers on the go without endlessly tapping tiny keys!

All Your Ecommerce Support in Zoho Desk

Illustration of Zoho Desk as a skyscraper with Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Walmart, Back Market and Newegg connected by ChannelReply

It’s fast and easy to set up Zoho Desk integrations with Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Walmart, Back Market and Newegg. Just start your free trial and then follow these instructions. Minutes of setup will save you countless hours on support!

Justin Golschneider
Product Manager

Justin has over a decade of experience in ecommerce and customer service. He is an obsessive researcher with a passion for accuracy, and his articles for ChannelReply alone have reached over a million readers. He holds a bachelor's degree in English.