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eBay Integration

Selling on eBay is great. Providing awesome customer service through My eBay, on the other hand, can feel like fishing with a hula hoop.

ChannelReply changes that. Connect eBay to your customer service platform* and make support easier, faster, and better. The features described here will only work with the supported helpdesks listed under “Available for Your Helpdesk” below. Some features, such as phone support, may require the use of optional services offered by the helpdesk provider or third-party apps from their marketplaces.

Fishing for eBay Messages with a Hula Hoop
Simon Pallister
“The eBay integration is tight and efficient. We can easily manage hundreds of inquiries from customers at a rapid pace and obtain all necessary order information within a ticket. ChannelReply saves us time and increases … satisfaction.”
Simon Pallister
Managing Director of
eBay, Amazon, Walmart and Webstore Support on One Screen

Easier Support

Support all of your customers—whether they’re from eBay, Amazon, Walmart, or your own website—from a single screen
  • Let multiple agents answer eBay messages at the same time
  • Keep track of every conversation with automatically threaded tickets
  • See important info about the buyer and their order on each ticket, along with a hyperlink to the listing

Available for Your Helpdesk

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eBay-Zendesk Integration

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eBay-Freshdesk Integration

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eBay–Help Scout Integration

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eBay-Gorgias Integration

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eBay-Re:amaze Integration

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eBay–Zoho Desk Integration

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eBay-Kustomer Integration

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eBay-Onsite Integration

Faster Answers

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Create canned responses and automated replies

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Manage and track social media support requests and phone calls

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Collect, analyze and act on customer service data

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Get all your one-way notifications instantly

Better Team Management

  • Give each agent their own login and keep your eBay password secret
  • Assign tickets to the right agents and order them by priority
  • Track who sent which reply so agents can’t shift blame or steal credit
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eBay Resolution Center Support Illustration

Streamlined Service with eBay Resolution Center Support

  • Answer Resolution Center inquiries from within your helpdesk
  • Approve returns, issue refunds, and provide RMAs* This feature is not yet available for Help Scout or Gorgias.
  • Manage escalated cases with easy-to-fill forms in the ChannelReply app* This feature is not yet available for Help Scout or Gorgias.
eBay Mobile Support on iPhone with ChannelReply and Re:amaze

Proactive Messaging with Advanced New Order Notifications

  • Collect detailed data on every eBay order for powerful reporting
  • Start a conversation with any eBay buyer who’s made a purchase, even if they haven’t messaged you
  • Create auto-replies specifically for new orders
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Integrating eBay with ChannelReply

Simple Setup

You can connect your eBay account to ChannelReply in less than three minutes. Our easy-to-follow eBay integration instructions make the process simple and headache-free.


Integrating eBay with ChannelReply
The Support Your Customer Service Needs

We’re dedicated to giving you the support you need to keep your customers happy and your feedback score high!

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Easier Support, Better Feedback

Don’t let your customer service needs leave your eBay business beached. Save time and money on support and get back to making more sales!

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