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Newegg Helpdesk Integrations

There’s no better place to sell tech online than Newegg. But there are better places to help your customers—like in Zendesk, Freshdesk, Gorgias, or other world-famous helpdesks!

Easy-to-read conversations
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All your other ecommerce tickets
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Powerful automations
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Unlimited custom email templates
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Detailed Newegg order data
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In-app actions*
*Available for Zendesk, Freshdesk, Re:amaze, Zoho Desk & Kustomer.
Bracket Newegg-helpdesk integration illustration with ChannelReply
Newegg-helpdesk integration illustration with ChannelReply
Easy-to-read conversations
All your other ecommerce tickets
Powerful automations
Unlimited custom email templates
Detailed Newegg order data
In-app actions
(Available for Zendesk, Freshdesk, Re:amaze, Zoho Desk & Kustomer.)
ChannelReply’s Newegg-helpdesk integrations make support faster and easier. They even let you answer messages from Amazon, eBay, Back Market and more from the same screen.

Newegg Support in Your Helpdesk

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Newegg-Zendesk Integration

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Newegg-Freshdesk Integration

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Newegg–Help Scout Integration

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Newegg-Gorgias Integration

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Newegg-Re:amaze Integration

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Newegg–Zoho Desk Integration

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Newegg-Kustomer Integration

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Newegg-Onsite Integration

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“I've used ChannelReply across two multimillion-dollar ecommerce businesses and our Customer Experience strategy could not be implemented without it.”

Bryan Kutchera
Bryan Kutchera
Director of Channel Sales, E-Commerce
Reliable Asset Solutions
Options for integrating Newegg, NeweggBusiness and Newegg Canada with ChannelReply

All Newegg Platforms Supported

Link your helpdesk with Newegg, NeweggBusiness, and Newegg Canada. All ChannelReply features work with all three platforms!

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Multichannel Customer Support Software

Finally, you can stop switching between Newegg and all your other support channels.

  • Answer messages from Amazon, Back Market, eBay, Shopify, Etsy and Walmart in the same helpdesk.
  • Support unlimited agents and unlimited marketplace integrations at no additional cost.
  • Consolidate further with your helpdesk’s native integrations like social, email and phone support.
Charlie in a VR headset managing support for Newegg, Back Market, Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, Walmart and eBay at the same time

All the Data You Need for Great Service

  • Easily view full Newegg conversations and 50+ order details as you write replies* *All supported helpdesks except Zoho Desk allow you to view full conversations while writing replies.
  • See info on the most relevant order, each related package, and each item purchased on every ticket
  • Review order statuses, tracking IDs, SKUs, shipping addresses, and everything else you need to answer any question

Better Message Templates

  • Answer messages in two clicks with unlimited custom message templates
  • Use Newegg data to personalize Zendesk or Gorgias macros, Zoho Desk or Re:amaze templates, Freshdesk canned responses, or Kustomer workspace shortcuts
Illustration of a Zoho Desk template with Newegg placeholders in action
Illustration of Charlie in a VR headset jumping up messaging platforms to get five stars

Powerful Newegg Autoresponders

  • Protect your seller performance with autoresponders that count toward Newegg’s response time
  • Easily use Newegg data to automatically trigger or prevent auto-replies* *"Requires Freshdesk, Zoho Desk, Help Scout, Re:amaze, Kustomer or Onsite Support
  • Personalize every response to sound flawlessly human* *Requires Zendesk, Freshdesk, Zoho Desk, Re:amaze, Kustomer or Onsite Support

More Ways to Automate

  • Automatically assign tickets to the right agent, send notifications, and change priorities
  • Create custom tags for every Newegg account and platform, making tickets easy to target in automations
  • Use order data and tags to build advanced automated reports* Features vary by helpdesk and plan level.
  • Develop your own rules that instantly sort and organize tickets
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Illustration of using ChannelReply to cancel a Newegg order in Zendesk, remove an item in Re:amaze, and upload shipping info in Zoho Desk, Kustomer and Freshdesk

Newegg Actions in Your Helpdesk

Do more than message customers! Our Newegg integrations for Zendesk, Freshdesk, Zoho Desk, Re:amaze and Kustomer let you take actions right in the ChannelReply app.

  • Cancel Newegg orders as needed, including selecting the reason for the cancellation
  • Remove individual items from orders rather than cancelling the entire order
  • Upload required shipping info without leaving your helpdesk
  • Cancelling a Newegg order in Zendesk and removing an item from an order in Re:amaze
  • Uploading shipping info to Newegg from Freshdesk
  • Uploading Newegg shipping info from Zoho Desk
  • Using ChannelReply to provide Newegg shipping info from Kustomer

Swift Setup

Linking Newegg to ChannelReply takes less than 4 minutes. Just follow our Newegg integration instructions to get started in no time!

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Answers to Every Question

Whether you want to read detailed help docs or talk to well-trained agents, you can get all the info you need.

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Direct answers to the biggest questions
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Live Assistance
Stuck on setup? Want a live demo? Have too many questions for an email conversation? No worries—it’s easy to schedule a call with our Awesome Support Team!

Compliance without Complexity

  • Use ChannelReply’s text remover to block specific text, links and more from reaching Newegg.
  • Create unique replacement or add-on signatures for each Newegg account and platform you connect.
  • Stay on-brand, follow official guidelines, and save time on every message!

Mobile Support

  • Answer Newegg tickets on mobile in any supported helpdesk
  • Cancel orders & upload shipping info from your smartphone with Re:amaze or Kustomer
  • View all ChannelReply data in Gorgias, Re:amaze or Kustomer
  • View Newegg custom fields on mobile with Zendesk, Freshdesk, Zoho Desk, Help Scout or Kustomer

Full List of Newegg Data

ChannelReply provides the following data on Newegg orders in your helpdesk:

Newegg Orange Egg SymbolOrder Data Caret

  • Order ID
  • Customer Name
  • Sales Channel
  • Seller ID
  • Creation Date
  • Fulfillment Option
  • Ship Service
  • Order Status
  • Invoice Number
  • Is Auto Void
  • Order Total
  • Item Amount
  • Shipping Amount
  • Discount Amount
  • Sales Tax
  • VAT Total
  • Duty Total
  • Recycling Fee Amount
  • Refund
  • Order Quantity
  • Order Downloaded
  • Shipping Address
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Address 1
    • Address 2
    • City
    • State
    • Postal Code
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • Country

ChannelReply Product Data iconProduct Data Caret

  • Item Title
  • Seller Part Number
  • Newegg Item Number
  • MFR Part Number
  • UPC
  • Quantity Ordered
  • Quantity Shipped
  • Unit Price
  • Extended Unit Price
  • Extended Shipping Charge
  • Extended Sales Tax
  • Extended VAT
  • Extended Duty
  • Item Status

ChannelReply Package Data iconPackage Data Caret

  • Package #
  • Package Status
  • Ship Carrier
  • Ship Service
  • Tracking Number
  • Ship Date
  • Package Items
    • Item Name
    • Seller Part Number
    • Quantity in Package

Faster Support, Lower Costs, Happier Customers

Answer messages up to four times faster than before. With ChannelReply, you have all your support in one place, all the data you need to craft great replies, and countless ways to automate. Launch your Newegg-helpdesk integration today!