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Walmart Integration

You were busy before you started selling on Walmart. Now, you have even more customers clamoring for your attention. How can you hope to keep everyone on Walmart happy while you help all your other buyers at the same time?
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Answer All Your Messages in One Place
ChannelReply connects your Walmart account with your customer service platform. Answer all your customers from a single interface, using the best support tools in the industry.
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The features described here will only work with the supported helpdesks listed under “Available for Your Helpdesk” below. Some features, such as phone support, may require add-ons, third-party tools or premium plans.
No more bouncing from screen to screen!
Walmart Integration with ChannelReply
Howard Choi
“Without ChannelReply it would be unmanageable to provide the level of satisfaction our customers expect from us.”
Howard Choi
Business Dev Manager, Golfio

Available for Your Helpdesk

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Walmart-Zendesk Integration

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Walmart-Freshdesk Integration

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Walmart–Help Scout Integration

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Walmart-Gorgias Integration

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Walmart-Re:amaze Integration

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Walmart–Zoho Desk Integration

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Walmart-Kustomer Integration

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Walmart-Onsite Integration

Easier Support
  • Reply to all your messages from the same screen, whether they come from Walmart, Amazon, eBay, or your own website
  • See everything you need to know about your buyer and their order beside each message
  • Stay on top of long conversations with automatically threaded tickets
  • Let your agents help customers without logging in to Walmart
Walmart, Amazon, eBay and Webstore Messages on One Screen with ChannelReply
Faster Answers
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Create canned responses
and automated replies
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Manage and track social
media support requests
and phone calls
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Collect, analyze and act
on customer service data
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Acknowledge or cancel
orders, update shipping
, and refund returns
from inside your helpdesk
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These actions are not yet supported in Help Scout or Gorgias.
Better Team Management
  • Assign tickets to the right agents and order them by priority
  • Track who sent which reply so agents can’t shift blame or steal credit
  • Group your agents by expertise, making sure only reps who understand Walmart work with your Walmart customers
  • Save your agents from replying to the same customer at the same time with collision detection
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Guided Setup
Follow our built-in setup walkthrough to connect Walmart to ChannelReply in less than five minutes.
Connecting Walmart with a ChannelReply Account
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ChannelReply helps your team work faster and better. That means happier customers. Happier customers mean more positive reviews, and ultimately, higher sales! Try it free and get more out of every minute invested into support.
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