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Back Market Integration

Refurbishing takes focus—and how can you stay focused with support scattered across different screens? That’s why ChannelReply lets you answer Back Market messages from inside your helpdesk. Fewer distractions, faster replies, more Backbox wins!


Back Market Support without ChannelReply


Back Market Support with ChannelReply
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“Without ChannelReply it would be unmanageable to provide the level of satisfaction our customers expect from us.”
Howard Choi
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Available for Your Helpdesk

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Back Market–Zendesk Integration

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Back Market–Freshdesk Integration

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Back Market–Help Scout Integration

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Back Market–Gorgias Integration

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Back Market–Re:amaze Integration

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Back Market–Zoho Desk Integration

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Back Market–Kustomer Integration

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Back Market–Onsite Integration

Back Market, Amazon, eBay and Walmart support on one screen

Easier Support

Answer all your customers—whether they’re from Back Market, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, or your own website—from a single screen
  • See all order details on the same screen as the buyer’s message
  • Use over three times more order data in your response templates than in Back Market* Not available for Help Scout
  • Field multiple support agents with individual logins
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Faster Answers

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Create canned responses and automated replies

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Manage and track social media support requests and phone calls

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Collect, analyze and act on customer service data

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Get order notifications complete with Back Market data

More Efficient Teams

Faster Customer Service with ChannelReply
  • Assign tickets to the right agents and order them by priority
  • Track who sent which reply so agents can’t shift blame or steal credit
  • Organize your agents in groups based on expertise, making sure the right agents work with your Back Market customers
Faster Customer Service with ChannelReply
Illustration of Back Market Validate Orderline and Refund Orderline Options in Zendesk

Actions in Your Helpdesk

  • Validate orders item by item
  • Refund individual items
  • Upload order shipping info to Back Market* Requires Zendesk, Freshdesk or Re:amaze.
Illustration of Back Market Validate Orderline and Refund Orderline Options in Zendesk
Integrating Back Market with ChannelReply

Supersonic Setup

You can connect Back Market to ChannelReply in less than 90 seconds. With the help of simple instructions and a built-in video guide, you’ll be done in no time!

Integrating Back Market with ChannelReply
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Back Market Integration Done Right

Fewer browser tab pileups, more one-click answers. Save time and frustration with the world’s best customer service integration for Back Market!

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