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Freshdesk Integration

Juggling support windows can make it impossible to focus on selling. That's why we invented a way to support Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Walmart, Etsy, Back Market and Newegg from Freshdesk!

The old way
Scientist Charlie Juggling Vials of Back Market, eBay, Newegg, Walmart, Shopify, Amazon and Etsy Support
The new way
Scientist Charlie with eBay, Walmart, Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, Back Market and Newegg Support in One Vial
Mark Parrott, Head of Digital at New Zealand Honey Co.
“Always there with help when we need it. The integration with Freshdesk works well [and] allows us to centralise our customer support across all channels.”
Mark Parrott
Head of Digital at New Zealand Honey Co.

All Your Ecommerce Support in Freshdesk

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No More Switching Tabs

Amazon, Back Market, eBay, Etsy, Newegg, Shopify and Walmart Ticket Views in Freshdesk

ChannelReply integrates Freshdesk with the Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Walmart, Etsy, Back Market and Newegg APIs. That way, you really can support everything on one screen.

  • See detailed buyer & order info with each ticket
  • Use marketplace data in canned replies and automations
  • Answer buyer messages from inside Freshdesk Info Icon Replies to all customer messages except Etsy messages appear in the marketplace’s messaging system and count as responses.
  • Get threaded tickets instead of scattered conversations
Amazon, Back Market, eBay, Etsy, Newegg, Shopify and Walmart Ticket Views in Freshdesk

Amazon-Freshdesk Integration

  • Handle Amazon messages in Freshdesk without clutter or threading problems
  • Build autoresponders that actually count toward Amazon’s response time limits
  • Request reviews or mark messages as “No response needed”

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Illustration of ChannelReply’s Amazon-Freshdesk Integration

Freshdesk-eBay Integration

  • Give each agent their own Freshdesk account rather than sharing your eBay login
  • Manage Resolution Center cases, including by issuing refunds and processing returns
  • Approve or decline cancellations and Best Offers from Freshdesk

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Charlie Growing an eBay Business with ChannelReply

Shopify-Freshdesk Integration

  • Issue full or partial refunds however you wish
  • Restock items while cancelling orders
  • Edit buyer and order details like the shipping address

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Illustration of Cancelling a Shopify Order in Freshdesk Using ChannelReply

Freshdesk-Walmart Integration

  • Acknowledge orders, cancel orders, and issue refunds on returns
  • Respond to escalation notifications just like buyer messages
  • Use Walmart data to power time-saving, laser-precise automations

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Customer Satisfaction Beam Powered by ChannelReply and Freshdesk

Etsy-Freshdesk Integration

  • Answer Etsy questions by email or hit “Reply on Etsy” to jump to the exact conversation on Etsy
  • Upload shipping details from any message or order notification
  • Concoct self-personalizing autoreplies to email Etsy customers when they place an order—or when they contact you

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Illustration of ChannelReply’s Freshdesk-Etsy Integration

Freshdesk–Back Market Integration

  • Reply exponentially faster with >5x more data in canned responses
  • Validate or cancel orders, upload tracking info, or issue refunds
  • Get notified about every new Back Market order (optional)

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Charlie Helping an Ecommerce Shopper with ChannelReply
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Newegg-Freshdesk Integration

  • Send autoreplies that count as responses on Newegg
  • Cancel orders or upload shipping info from Freshdesk
  • View 50+ Newegg order details, including tracking IDs and items ordered

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Illustration of a Newegg Ticket with ChannelReply Order Data in Freshdesk

Never Miss a Ping

ChannelReply doesn’t just make buyer messages easier to manage. You can also get all your important marketplace notifications, including:

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Amazon A-to-z Guarantee claims

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eBay Resolution Center notifications

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Walmart escalations

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New orders on all six platforms

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Everything else you need to run your business

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Illustration of Marketplace Integration Options in ChannelReply

Simple Setup

Our video walkthroughs will guide you through every step of setup. Just start your free trial and follow the instructions that appear, and you’ll be done in minutes! You can also follow our written Freshdesk integration instructions or contact us anytime you need help.

Illustration of Marketplace Integration Options in ChannelReply
Questions, Meet Answers

Wondering about a feature we didn’t cover here? Need to know if the software meets a specific business need? See our FAQ or send us a message and we’ll be glad (no—exhilarated!) to answer your questions.

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Customer Service Is About to Get Way Easier

Don’t let customer service drive you mad. Use ChannelReply to combine Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Walmart, Etsy, Back Market and Newegg support in Freshdesk!